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More work is needed to understand the connections between premature births and birth defects, researchers said.
Authors of the study say the technology exists to screen seniors with type 2 diabetes and identify those at risk of a fracture.
Occupations related to potential noxious airborne agents are related to an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), according to recent research.
Dr Michael Kolodziej on the Transition to Value-Based Payments
Despite the politics involved in healthcare, it seems unlikely that the industry to going to stop its migration toward more accountability for quality, said Michael Kolodziej, MD, national medical director of managed care strategy at Flatiron Health.
Childhood-onset inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is known to cause painful gastrointestinal symptoms, but a new study of Swedish patients finds that it is also associated with an increased risk of cancer.
Kim Woofter: Data at Point of Care Necessary for Success in Value-Based Models
As the healthcare industry moves more toward value-based payments, practices have a real need for data that is usable and can help them succeed in new payment models, Kim Woofter, executive vice president of strategic alliances and practice innovation at the Advanced Centers for Cancer Care, explained at OncoCloud '17, held by Flatiron Health September 16-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
A new international team of stakeholders is being convened to explore the effectiveness of gene therapies in hemophilia treatment.
A new review article published in the New England Journal of Medicine explores the recent developments in radiotherapy that have improved survival and quality of life for patients with cancer.
Physicians across different institutes who have been involved in clinical trials of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells in B-cell lymphomas have developed a guideline for monitoring and managing the symptoms associated with this treatment.
CMS has issued an informal request for information seeking input on a new direction promoting patient-centered care and market-driven reforms for the CMS Innovation Center.
Federally qualified health centers face significant financial and competitive pressures, but executives reported in a recent survey that they have identified areas for improvement and are planning a path to success.

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The latest version of the free app offers patients a simple color-coding system to track their blood sugar status, as well as an easy way to share data with their physicians and perhaps their health plan.
An experienced market watcher who has diabetes predicts the key to success will come down to one factor: ease of use.
A multi-layered partnership with the American Association of Diabetes Educators is just one of the strategic steps in the past year for WellDoc, which offers a suite of digital diabetes products, including one with an insulin bolus calculator.
The chief medical officer of Omada Health discusses a transition from one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to a digital health provider, and from treating chronic disease to preventing it.
The authors examined the effect of narrow network plan selection on beneficiaries’ outpatient visits and outpatient out-of-pocket expenditures in the 2014 nongroup health insurance market.
New statin prescriptions at the Veterans Health Administration were reviewed using a cross-sectional study design. Statins were frequently prescribed outside of guideline recommendations.
An evaluation of the use of predictive modeling for primary care resource allocation demonstrated reduced spending and improved quality and patient experience for publicly insured adults.
This study examined the early impacts of closing the donut hole in Medicare Part D.
To promote future partnerships among colleges of pharmacy and accountable care organizations, this article describes several initial challenges to partnership formation, including those related to agenda setting and resource utilization.
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