About Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management, an indexed news publication from the publishers of The American Journal of Managed Care, reports on the clinical, health economic, and industry news that is relevant to payers, providers, and healthcare policy makers who manage large populations of patients with diabetes. Our mission is to provide clinical, pharmacoeconomic, and regulatory information that all stakeholders in this market need to deliver the best care possible to help combat the national epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

The editorial board of Evidence-Based Diabetes Management is comprised of experts from healthcare policy, diabetes prevention, pharmacology, and health economics-ensuring a balanced discussion of the concerns that clinicians, policy makers, and payers face every day in diabetes management.

Published six times a year, Evidence-Based Diabetes Management features a mix of clinical and industry news, original research, updates on new therapies, conference coverage, and the latest insights on healthcare reform. EBDM reaches a professional audience of 14,172 clinical and policy decision-makers, including physicians, employers, payers, and government.

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The US National Library of Medicine defines evidence-based medicine as “the process of systematically finding, appraising, and using contemporaneous research findings as the basis of clinical decisions. Evidence-based medicine asks questions, finds and appraises relevant data, and harnesses that information for everyday clinical practice.”

On this foundation, EBDM seeks high-quality commentaries and original research reports that provide cutting-edge clinical, pharmacoeconomic, and regulatory information for diabetes care and management that affect patients, clinicians, payers, health plans, and the pharmaceutical community. The editors are especially interested in papers that promote exchanges and facilitate communication among all stakeholders and healthcare policy makers that would potentially impact the efficiency and outcomes of diabetes management. EBDM regularly publishes articles that cover
  • drug pipelines
  • clinical trial results
  • diagnostic advances
  • health policy (private, Medicare, and Medicaid)
  • regulatory policies
The content of EBDM is freely available online and does not require subscription, thus expanding the reach of the published data. We are an indexed publication but we do not undergo a rigorous peer-review process. Further, the contributing authors are not required to cover publication costs. If you wish to submit to EBDM, or have questions please contact: nbeagin@ajmc.com.

Editorial Board

Wade M. Aubry, MD
Department of Medicine
Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Michael E. Chernew, PhD
Department of Health Care Policy
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Jeffrey D. Dunn, PharmD, MBA
Senior Vice President
VRx Pharmacy
Salt Lake City, UT

A. Mark Fendrick, MD
Professor of Medicine and Health Management & Policy
Schools of Medicine & Health
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Dana P. Goldman, PhD
Director, Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

William H. Herman, MD, MPH
Director, Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center
University of Michigan Health System
Ann Arbor, MI

Darius Lakdawalla, PhD
Sol Price School of Public Policy
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
Jeremy Nobel, MD MPH
Medical Director
Northeast Business Group on Health
New York, NY

Teresa L. Pearson, MS, RN, CDE
Director, Clinical Services
Innovative Health Care Designs
Minneapolis, MS

Anne Peters, MD, CDE
Director, Clinical Diabetes Program
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

Scott Sobocinski, PharmD
Senior Pharmacy Director
Pharmacy Informatics
ActiveHealth Management
New York, NY

Albert Tzeel, MD, MHSA
National Medical Director
HumanaOne & KMG
Clinical Leadership & Policy Development
Waukesha, WI

Deneen Vojta, MD
Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer
Diabetes Prevention & Control Alliance
Minnetonka, MN
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