Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Segment 8 – Treatment’s Financial Constraints
The panelists discuss clinicians and their perspectives on financial constraints in treatment of NSCLC.
Dr Sugarbaker says of the 4 major cancers  ̶  including lung, breast, colon and prostate  ̶  lung cancer is by far the number one killer, especially in women. For NSCLC, conversations between providers and payers need to focus on where multi-modality treatment makes sense for certain patients.
Dr Langer comments that increasingly, insurers will approve 1 maintenance drug or another, but not 2. This is largely driven by cost concerns. Even will oral agents, costs are still exorbitant. It can be difficult to find or offer financial support for patients.
Dr Sugarbaker adds that the progress that is been made in NSCLC depends on treatment. “You can’t evaluate new therapies without coverage for particularly protocol therapies.” He says the “onus” is on insurers and managed care organizations to continue supporting innovative therapies in a protocol setting because that is how they have made and will continue to make progress.

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