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Manuscript submission guidelines for each journal can be found at:

The American Journal of Managed Care®
AJMC® is continuing to expand its editorial coverage to include articles in therapeutic categories that are of most interest to our readers. The editors are looking for original research that examines mechanisms designed to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare services.

Annual Issue - Health Information Technology
AJMC® seeks original research for its annual issue on Health Information Technology (IT). This issue features a guest editor-in-chief, and will offer information from experts, such as policy makers, payers, and providers, with the goal of improving efficiency and outcomes in health IT implementation. Topics of interest include meaningful use, reimbursement, telemedicine, and much more.

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To submit a manuscript to The American Journal of Managed Care®, log on to our web-based tracking system,, and follow the on-screen instructions. Please contact with any questions.
The American Journal of Accountable Care®
AJAC® is a quarter-yearly publication dedicated to providing a platform for healthcare professionals and organizations to share research and best practices in the realm of accountable care. The journal seeks to educate its audience on how to better understand the emerging role of new payment models and policy issues surrounding healthcare reform through the publication of timely research and analysis that encourages the sharing of best practices to ensure the improvement of healthcare quality. 

To submit a manuscript to AJAC®, or for any questions, please contact
Evidenced-Based Oncology™ and Evidence-Based Diabetes Management™
EBO™ and EBDM™ are special news publications of AJMC®.

EBO™ seeks original research and commentary that reports on current issues in cancer care that affect clinicians, payers, health plans, and the pharmaceutical community. The editors are especially interested in papers that promote exchanges among all stakeholders and healthcare policy makers.

EBDM™ seeks articles, commentary, and reviews of technology that promote greater collaboration among healthcare providers, including physicians and diabetes educators, as well as payers, health plans, and the pharmaceutical and medical technology community. The editors are especially in papers from the social sciences sharing data on nutrition, exercise, and disease management of diabetes.

To submit to one of the Evidence-Based series, or for any questions, please contact:
Surabhi Dangi-Garimella, Managing Editor, Evidence-Based Oncology, 609-716-7777 x128
Mary K. Caffrey, Managing Editor, Evidence-Based Diabetes Management, 609-716-7777 x144
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