Oncology Contributor Compendium

Oncology Compendium


A report by STAT has found that a majority of institutions conducting clinical trials fail to report their results to the website ClinicalTrials.gov.
Young adult cancer survivors face an uncertain path to parenthood—here is one story.
A poll conducted by PatientsLikeMe shows that cancer patients have the same concerns as the general population about healthcare costs, but see benefits in the law that the healthy may have overlooked.
It's time to finally put an end to “what the market will bear” as a method of pricing prescription drugs.
My visit to the gynecologist's office following treatment for breast cancer and a subsequent reconstructive surgery was a rude awakening.
Innovative trials offer the promise that patients can be treated in their own communities instead of traveling to faraway cancer centers.
In part 1 of "First Do No Harm," Ms Madden noted important new research suggesting that the majority of patients with HER2+ breast cancer who are treated with the anti-HER2 agent trastuzumab do not receive sufficient cardiac monitoring. In part 2, she discusses the implications of this recent study for patients with this aggressive form of breast cancer and protective strategies against preventable harms of their treatment.
With a growing understanding of the risk of cardiotoxicity associated with cancer treatment, cardio-oncology has emerged as an important subspecialty, resulting in the establishment of cardio-oncology programs most often based at or in collaboration with comprehensive cancer centers.
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