Oncology Multimedia Compendium

Oncology Compendium


Panelists Joseph Alvarnas, MD, and Bhuvana Sagar, MD share their experience with and thoughts on overcoming oncology care gaps, potentially with reimbursement models.
The Samfund is primarily known for its grant funding programs that help young adults with financial struggles after having cancer, but founder and CEO Samantha Watson discussed how the organization has expanded into providing financial literacy education and other tools to support the community of cancer patients.
Oncology care management helps coordinate the clinical aspects of cancer treatment, but it would also be helpful to have a benefits manager to help guide patients through their many options, said Marianne Fazen, PhD, president and CEO of the Texas Business Group on Health.
CAR-T cell treatment can have a number of side effects, with the most serious being cytokine release syndrome, according to David L. Porter, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. However, there are some promising therapies like interleukin-6 blockers that can reverse this reaction.
Providers have a responsibility to discuss the costs of cancer care with their patients earlier on, so the patients aren’t blindsided by enormous bills, said Samantha Watson, founder and CEO of The Samfund. These conversations would help patients prepare for the financial realities associated with cancer.
It can be difficult at times for the Florida Health Care Coalition to meet the needs of every stakeholder, but the patient’s best interest is always at the center, said Karen van Caulil, PhD, president and CEO of the Florida Health Care Coalition. The organization works with task forces and advisory groups to find solutions that put the patient first.
Empathy is the root of dignity for patients, and healthcare providers need to consciously adjust their communication styles to demonstrate that empathy, according to Melissa Thompson, MBA, healthcare strategist, patient, and self-advocate. Some examples include not discussing the patient without including them and using inclusive language that brings the patient and provider together.
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