AHIP 2012 Fall Forum

Day 1
Cindy Bjorkquist Addresses Engaging Consumers in the Healthcare Marketplace
Cindy Bjorkquist, Director of Wellness, Care Management and Health Promotion Programs Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, discusses Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's Total Health Improvement Strategy.
AHIP Fall Forum 2012 Preview
The America's Health Insurance Plans Fall Forum 2012 is taking place in Chicago's Renaissance Hotel from December 3-5. Here are some of the topics and trends that will be discussed.
AHIP's Fall Forum 2012 Slideshow
Check out photos from America's Health Insurance Plans Fall Forum 2012. The meeting is being held at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago, IL, from December 3-5.
Health Plans Must Diversify Tools for Patient Engagement
Day 1 of the America's Health Insurance Plans Fall Forum 2012 featured a pre-conference workshop on patient engagement strategies to promote wellness in a consumer-driven marketplace. Presenter and moderator Jen Cressman, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, Krames StayWell, centered her discussion on the design of effective communication strategies and how to attract and engage consumers while also fostering loyalty.
Day 2
Disruptive Technologies Will Transform Healthcare Delivery
Tuesday morning at AHIP's Fall Forum 2012 included a session on the methods in which evolving technologies and disruptive innovations will undoubtedly lead to better and more cost-efficient patient care.
Avik Roy Adresses the Impact of Health Insurance Exchanges
Avik Roy, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute, says that health insurance exchanges will, over time, become the main method of delivering health insurance in the United States.
Gail Wilensky, PhD, Discusses Trends in the Health Insurance Marketplace
Gail Wilensky, PhD, senior fellow, Project Hope, says that larger payers are introducing plans that reward consumers for choosing high-quality healthcare clinicians with lower co-payments and premiums.
Big Data Pitfalls Still Plague Healthcare Industry
Incomprehensible amounts of data are collected by all sectors of the healthcare industry on a daily basis. It is important for organizations to not only understand how to handle and collect this data, but also to translate it into actionable information that can help transform healthcare delivery. Unfortunately, many pitfalls still exist, and there is a need for better processes to collect clinically relevant and more complete data.
Day 3
Ashish Jha, MD, MPH, Talks About Healthcare Delivery System Transformation
Ashish Jha, MD, MPH, associate professor of Health Policy and Management, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health, says that there are many challenges facing the quality of data used to transform healthcare delivery systems.
David Brailer, MD, PhD, Discusses the Role of Health Insurance Exchanges in the Healthcare Marketplace
"Health insurance exchanges are the first step in the consumerization of the healthcare marketplace," said David Brailer, MD, PhD, chairman, Health Evolution Partners.
Health Plans Must Reconcile Consumer Needs and Internal Change in an Evolving Marketplace
An expanding retail marketplace means that there are more opportunities for health plans to develop innovative strategies to reach consumers that are entering the market space for the first time. It is essential for health plans to not only engage these consumers but also to assist them in making good healthcare decisions.
Shared Decision Making Is an Effective Model for Patient-Centric Care
Healthcare is in the midst of a shift toward more patient-centric and accountable care; as a result, time- and resource-constrained providers are embracing new and innovative models for delivering and organizing care.