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The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy's (AMCP) 2012 Educational Conference will take place in Cincinnati, OH, October 3-5 at the Duke Energy Convention Center.
NOW AVAILABLE: AMCP Fall 2012 Conference Coverage
Highlights from the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy's 2012 Educational Conference, which took place on October 3-5, 2012, in Cincinnati, Ohio, are available in a newsletter published by The American Journal of Managed Care. Topics discussed include the ways in which heterogeneity shapes therapeutic decisions, patient outcomes, and coverage policies; assessment of the evidence for new medications; and phone-based medication therapy management services.
Day 1
Deciphering Heterogeneity: Using Clinical Diversity to Improve Drug Therapy Decision Making
During a preconference session at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) 2012 Educational Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, industry experts met to discuss the ways in which heterogeneity shapes therapeutic decisions, patient outcomes, and coverage policies.
VIDEO: Mark Zitter, MBA, Discusses Implications of Co-Pay Offset Programs for Managed Care
In this video, Mark Zitter, MBA, talks about the implications of Co-Pay Offset Programs for managed care. "Co-pay programs affect managed care very differently depending on the nature of the program," says Zitter. "These programs are tremendously varied."
Age-Related Eye Disease: Opportunities for Managed Care Pharmacy
Managed care pharmacists can help optimize outcomes in patients with age-related eye disease by addressing concerns regarding affordability of therapy, instructing patients on proper eye drop instillation, and evaluating the effects of different therapies. Ophthalmologists and optometrists should take part in managed care formulary discussions to help achieve optimal patient care.
VIDEO: David Nau, PhD, Speaks About The Data Challenges Involved With Medication Adherence Measures
In this video, David Nau, PhD, talks about data challenges as they relate to medication adherence measures. "One data challenge that Medicare plans face is getting all of the prescription field data from the pharmacist," says Dr. Nau.
Day 2
VIDEO: Feng Zeng, PhD, Discusses Copayment Reduction in the Gap and Its Impact on Diabetes Medications
In this video, Feng Zeng, PhD, Senior Health Economist, MedImpact, discusses how the implementation of copayment reduction in the gap in 2011 influenced adherence measures for oral diabetes medications.
The Evolving Role of the Pharmacist in Oncology Care
The role of the pharmacist in the care of patients with cancer is evolving. Pharmacists can help optimize treatment outcomes for each patient through use of patient-specific and disease-specific strategies.
Academy of Managed Care Compass: The Top 5 Strategic Priorities
Edith Rosato, RPh, IOM, the chief executive officer of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, recently shared the organization's Top 5 strategic priorities for the coming year.
VIDEO: Aimee Tharaldson, PharmD, Discusses the Impact of Biosimilars on the Specialty Pharmacy Market
In this video, Aimee Tharaldson, PharmD, Senior Clinical Consultant, Emerging Therapeutics Express Scripts, Inc, talks about the impact that biosimilar medications could potentially have on the specialty pharmacy market.
Day 3
Evaluating the Value of New Medications Through Evidence-Based Assessments
Medication assessments directly impact the way a drug is covered, and drugs with better quality data with a higher level of certainty are more favorably covered. Accurately assessing the evidence for new medications will help payers summarize a drug's benefit-to-risk ratio.
VIDEO: Brian Sweet, RPh, MBA, Discusses the Integration of Clinical Data Elements and Claims Data
Brian Sweet, RPh, MBA, Executive Director, Health Care Alliances, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, talks about the progress that has been made to-date in integrating clinical data elements with administrative claims data.
Optimizing Patient Outcomes With Phone-Based Medication Therapy Management Services
There exists a need for a standard of care to ensure that each patient's medications are appropriate, effective, safe, and able to be taken as intended. Medication therapy management (MTM) is a professional service that can help meet this need. Although the practice of providing comprehensive MTM services by phone has many positive attributes, there are many challenges associated with this type of intervention.
VIDEO: Aaron McKethan, PhD, Talks About New Strategies to Improve Medication Adherence Measures
In this video, Aaron McKethan, PhD, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, RxAnte, talks about new strategies to improve patient medication adherence.