Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Annual Meeting 2013

According to the The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, the meeting is the "nation's largest gathering of managed care pharmacists." There will be 40 educational programs and it is a "not-to-be missed event."


   |    AMCP Spring 13
Highlights from The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy's 25th Meeting & Expo, which took place on April 25, 2013, in San Diego, CA, are available in a newsletter published by The American Journal of Managed Care.
   |    AMCP Spring 13
Yelena Yankovskaya, PharmD, a managed markets fellow at the Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy, describes the expectations and roles of predictive modeling, value-based insurance design, and gamification/social media in contemporary managed care pharmacy.
   |    AMCP Spring 13
In an educational symposium entitled, "The Evolution of Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: The Role of the Managed Care Pharmacist," Kristen Helms, PharmD, and her 2 colleagues discuss how treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS) have evolved over the past 2 decades, explore the novel and emerging therapeutic strategies for MS, and cover strategies to improve medication adherence for the chronic disease.
   |    AMCP Spring 13
Daniel Tomaszewski, PharmD, PhD Candidate, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, Duluth, discusses the impact of managed care pharmacy on current legislation, regulatory policies, and ongoing healthcare reform.
   |    AMCP Spring 13
Mattias Cheung, PhD, FCSHP, FASHP, discusses the ongoing progress of orphan drugs for rare diseases in today's health care environment, and explores their challenges and opportunities in the current managed care landscape.
   |    AMCP Spring 13
Matthias Cheung, PhD, FCSHP, FASHP, a principal at Advanced Rx Consulting, LLC, and an adjunct professor of pharmacy practice at the University of the Pacific, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Services, discusses the circumstances and factors that catalyzed the passage of current legislation and regulatory policies for orphan drugs, rare diseases, and ultra-rare diseases.
   |    AMCP Spring 13
Eric A. Wright, PharmD, BCPS, an investigator at the Geisinger Center for Health Research, discusses the implications of medical moments of truth (MMOTs) on current therapeutic and managed care strategies.
   |    AMCP Spring 13
In an educational session satellite symposium entitled "Biologic Therapies for Chronic Diseases: Factors Influencing Treatment Decisions," Robert P. Navarro, PharmD, along with his colleagues, delves into the current trends of specialty pharmacy and biological therapies, and how managed care discussions have evolved to optimize patient outcomes within a cost-constrained healthcare environment.
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