COA 2014

Day 1
Lean Six Sigma: Redesigning the Cancer Care Delivery Process
David Fryefield, MD, medical director for The US Oncology Network, says that 1 out of 5 times, cancer care delivery processes are defective. In fact, when considering processes that were value added, value enabling, or non-value added, about one-third of processes were non-value added. This can lead to inefficiency in cancer care delivery.
Novel Opportunities for Engagement: Utilizing In-House Pharmacy Services
Utilizing an in-house pharmacy may present innovative and efficient opportunities for health providers seeking to improve patient engagement. In general, various trends are reshaping the role of the pharmacist in oncology practice, and the ways in which pharmacies function.
Cancer in the New Century
When treating cancer in the new century, patients and their stories will come first, said Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD, DPhil. During a session analyzing the evolution of cancer detection and treatment, Dr Mukherjee said that stories animate cancer and help to personalize the patient's experience as they deal with treatment.
Day 2
Innovation in Oncology Payment Reform: Reports from Real-Life Practice
Four innovators from oncology practices across the country described how payment reform is shaping the way they treat cancer. While each of their experiences is unique, they all seemed to arrive at the same conclusion: one must find ways to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.
The Evolving Business Model of Clinical Research
Personalized medicines and targeted therapies are transforming the way cancer is treated. As these novel developments continue to evolve, so must the process of moving research findings into clinical practice, says Chris Beardmore, chief executive officer, Translational Research Management.
Community Oncology 2.0 Medical Home Progress Report: Implementation, Tools, Payment Models, and Accreditation
The session included insight from a panel of industry experts as they discussed the community oncology medical home model and payment reform.