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The American Diabetes Association will present its 76th Scientific Sessions, June 10-14, 2016, in New Orleans, Louisiana. This global meeting brings together more than 16,000 participants to present the most timely and significant advances in basic science and technology regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes. Sign up for our daily e-mail blasts on our registration page, and check back here during the conference for the full coverage.


   |    ada2016 > Mary Caffrey
Using an algorithm to recommend insulin dosing, both in and out of the hospital, was shown to improve glycemic control and aid population health management.
   |    ada2016 > Mary Caffrey
The diabetes advocacy community has long sought Medicare coverage for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, but the technology has been deemed "precautionary." Abstracts presented at last week's ADA Scientific Sessions could help build a case for updating FDA's clearance to use CGM for dosing, removing a hurdle to Medicare coverage.
   |    ada2016 > Cate Douglass
The pair of studies evaluating the technology were presented at the American Diabetes Association and simultaneously published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.
   |    ada2016 > Mary Caffrey
Reseachers are studying whether drugs that have been approved for treating type 2 diabetes can be used in combination with insulin to avoid both variablity in blood glucose and weight gain.
   |    ada2016 > Mary Caffrey
A packed session greeted the highly anticipated results of the LEADER trial, which found that the GLP-1 receptor agonist liraglutide has cardiovascular benefits in high-risk patients with diabetes.
   |    ada2016 > Mary Caffrey
Data from CDC consistently show that low-income, minority groups are at higher risk for diabetes, for genetic but especially for environmental reasons.
   |    ada2016 > Mary Caffrey
Evidence presented Sunday at the 76th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association comes as competition is heating up over a pair of therapies that combine insulin with a GLP-1 receptor agonist.
   |    ada2016 > Mary Caffrey
Intarcia Therapeutics anticipates filing for FDA approval at the end of the third quarter of 2016. At this year's ADA presentation, Julio Rosenstock, MD, said the insertion method for the novel therapy delivery device continues to improve.
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