AMCP 2012

Day 1
Managed Care and Oncology Pharmacy Management: Focus on Multiple Myeloma
Wednesday morning at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 24th Annual Meeting featured a satellite symposium that focused on the evolving role of managed care and oncology pharmacy management. The presentations by distinguished faculty reviewed current evidence-based data to enable decision making based on indicators of treatment outcomes for multiple myeloma; demonstrated the use of comparative effectiveness research (CER) as a decision support tool; and evaluated innovative pharmacy benefit models and specialty management services.
Medication Adherence in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Also on the agenda for day one at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) 24th Annual Meeting in San Francisco was a satellite symposium that focused on analyzing and applying evidence to improve the cost/benefit and risk/benefit outcomes in multiple sclerosis. One of the overarching themes throughout the 5 presentations that comprised the program was medication adherence.
Emerging Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Strategies
Many patients with type 2 diabetes could avoid the long-term complications of their disease by ensuring consistent and proper glycemic control. With insulin use decreasing in recent years and the use of newer agents increasing, treatment regiments have changed drastically. Newer options may affect rates of glycemic control but may also be adding to the complexity of clinical decision making, as well as the management of benefits for plans and payers.
VIDEO: David Nau, PhD, Speaks about Quality Improvement Models
In this video, David Nau, PhD, RPh, CPHQ, Senior Director, Quality Strategies Pharmacy Quality Alliance, Inc, discusses quality improvement models.
Day 2
Health Insurance Exchanges Update
One of the more popular sessions at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 24th Annual Meeting on Thursday featured Paul Frostin, PhD, Director, Health Research and Education Program, Employee Benefit Research Institute, on the topic of health insurance exchanges.
Pharmaceutical Pipeline Features New Wave of Multiple Sclerosis Drugs
The specialty market has experienced a significant rate of growth as well as increased costs over the past few years thanks to a broader use of specialty medications to treat common and rare diseases.
VIDEO: Mark Zitter, MBA, Speaks About the Importance of Oncology Pathways
In this video, Mark Zitter, MBA, CEO of the Zitter Group, speaks about how oncology pathways are affecting drug use.
VIDEO: Aimee Tharaldson, PharmD, Discusses the Specialty Pharmaceutical Pipeline
In this video, Aimee Tharaldson, PharmD, Senior Clinical Consultant, Emerging Therapeutics Express Scripts, Inc, speaks about specialty therapy classes that have a lot of activity in the pharmaceutical pipeline.
Day 3
Specialty Pharmacy Management Trends
Debbie Stern, RPh; Becki Fenrick, PharmD, MBA; and Michael Fine, MD, presented on specialty pharmacy management trends on Friday.
The Impact of Drug Shortages on Managed Care Pharmacy
According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the increase in the shortage of critical drugs could potentially become a major public health emergency.
VIDEO: Debbie Stern, RPh, Speaks About the Trends in Specialty Pharmacy Management
In this video, Debbie Stern, RPh, Vice President, Rxperts Inc, speaks about the trends in specialty pharmacy management and what lies on the horizon.
Pharmacy HIT Integration: Building a Roadmap
Shelly Spiro, RPh, FASCP, Director of the Pharmacy e-Health Information Technology Collaborative, provided an overview of pharmacy Health Information Technology (HIT) during her presentation The Roadmap for Pharmacy HIT Integration on Friday.
VIDEO: Beckie Fenrick, PharmD, MBA, Speaks about Oncolytic Therapies
In this video, Beckie Fenrick, PharmD, MDA, Senior Director, Medical Operations, Care Models and Affordability Solutions, Florida Blue, speaks about oncoloytic therapies. In particular, Fenrick talks about new strategies for managing oncolytic therapies without sacrificing outcomes.