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Top 5 Reasons Health Systems Want Telehealth and 1 Hurdle
March 03, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Health Systems Want Telehealth and 1 Hurdle

If you want a practical definition of win-win, look no further than telemedicine. However, like any new technology, there still are challenges that must be overcome. Specifically, issues around reliability.
Benefit #3: Attracts New Patients
Nobody likes waiting for their doctor appointment. This is a universal truth, like death and taxes. Because patients can meet with their physician online instead of having to visit a healthcare facility, patients love telemedicine. It is both less hassle and also a sign that the healthcare provider is cutting edge.

In fact, a survey by Software Advice found that roughly three-fourths of all patients are interested in telemedicine appointments. This makes telemedicine an enticing service that attracts new patients.

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