Acute Coronary Syndrome


Lung cancer screening rates in the United States remained low and unchanged in 2015 despite recommendations that high-risk current and former smokers be screened.
During the National Cancer Prevention Month, there will be renewed fervor among healthcare providers to ensure individuals pay greater attention toward preventive measures against cancer.
A new report released by the American Cancer Society indicates that while the cancer-related death rate was higher among blacks than in whites in 2014, the racial gap could reduce as minority patients increasingly gain access to insurance and subsequent healthcare.
A screening study conducted over 2 decades in Denmark has raised questions about the need and implications of biennial mammography for women between 50 and 69 years of age.
Since 2005, American Cancer Society has sponsored the Health Insurance Assistance Service, a unique initiative to help cancer patients navigate the private coverage system and to educate policy makers about how coverage works for patients with this serious and chronic condition.


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