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Matt Salo and Margaret E. O’Kane, MHA, discuss innovations to manage specialty populations and the need for regulation in segment 5 of the Healthcare Reform Stakeholders Summit, held in September 2015.
During 2015, the most popular papers published by The American Journal of Managed Care included studies on predicting adherence, engaging members and providers in chronic care management programs, care fragmentation among chronically ill patients, and using behavioral health interventions to improve outcomes and reduce costs.
Social support is becoming increasingly crucial to maintain a regular exercise regimen for heart failure patients, according to a recent study.
Multiple studies have shown improved outcomes by placing pharmacists into diabetes management roles. With a chronic condition such as diabetes, which impacts 29 million Americans, that’s welcome news. As the number of people with diabetes continues to escalate, we are faced with not only a physician shortage, but a provider shortage. We need to embrace the role of healthcare professionals like pharmacists and further expand their impact through the use of digital health technologies, which encourage patient engagement and extend care.
CMS has finalized a rule for a bundled payment test for hip and knee replacements that will be mandatory for nearly all hospitals in 67 geographical areas across the country.


October 17 - 18, 2014
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