Care Management


The authors undertook a literature search on treatment intensification in diabetes care to identify relevant research that has been published since 2000.
Approximately 9 million Medicare beneficiaries are considered “complex care” and they often incur high out-of-pocket costs. As lifespans lengthen, it becomes important for Medicare to adapt to serve these complex care beneficiaries.
The fact that a small percentage of the population accounts for roughly half of healthcare spending in the United States is not new information. Now a new white paper from the Health Care Transformation Task Force has taken a look at what healthcare systems can do to identify these individuals in order to better manage their care and lower spending.
Most patients expect that the healthcare system can already learn from every clinical encounter, but the reality is that is not happening yet, said Sachin Jain, MD, MBA, chief medical officer at CareMore Health System.
Health system innovations are sometimes justified in economic language, but clinicians speakthe language of patient care. Advancing reform requires translators who speak both languages.


October 17 - 18, 2014
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