Care Management


On average, the health coach intervention cost $483 per participant per year. There was no evidence that the coaching intervention saved money at 1 year.
Drs Peter Salgo, John Kitchens, Steven Peskin, and Rishi Singh discuss which markers are most valuable in terms of managing diabetic patients with eye-related disorders and conclude that in most scenarios, continuous blood glucose monitoring is unnecessary.
Reports suggest that hospitals are acquiring physician practices. Data from 3 large surveys showed increased use of care management processes when hospital acquired practices.
An introduction to the Joslin Clinical Analytic Tool, a new diabetes measure developed to adjust for the variety in patient mix and better inform clinicians which interventions will work best.
A new white paper from the Health Care Transformation Task Force evaluated essential criteria for care management services to incorporate in order to improve the type of care they provide patients.


October 17 - 18, 2014
Boston, MA
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