The study examined records for more than 124,000 people with type 2 diabetes over a 7-year period.
In this segment, John A. Johnson, MD, MBA, discusses the impact of diabetes-related complications in terms of hospitalizations, readmissions, and the costs of care, and suggests how managed care organizations can partner with healthcare professionals to improve diabetes management and thus prevent complications.
John A. Johnson, MD, MBA, explains how treatment guidelines for the management of diabetes and comorbid conditions have been updated based on the availability of additional treatment options and the need to individualize therapy. As a result, he explains how WellCare works to ensure that its members can receive coverage for, and have access to, the variety of options available.
The report found that in-person coaching and digital formats with human coaching were both effective and delivered value. ICER's review comes as Medicare is creating reimbursement standards to take effect in January 2018.
This would be the second group of procedures targeted for bundled payments in Medicare. Rules for hip and knee replacements went into effect in April in 67 markets.


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