A study presented at the European Society of Cardiology meeting has found that cancer increases cardiac stress, which is further accentuated by chemotherapy.
Stand Up 2 Cancer, in collaboration with the American Association for Clinical Research, will be funding innovative research grants with a potential to further translational cancer research.
Adolescent and young adult cancer patients face multiple barriers to ensuring adequate care: from unsure providers to financial constraints. Improved care coordination and recognition of the needs of this population can lead to much improved outcomes.
Evidence-Based Oncology spoke with Rajen Mody, MBBS, from the University of Michigan Health System, about his experiences treating young cancer patients, the survivorship program offered by the University of Michigan, and next generation sequencing.
Changes in the healthcare marketplace are steadily pushing changes for physicians and specialty practices of all kinds. Blaming the 340B drug discount program is both misleading and unproductive.


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