What we're reading, September 28, 2016: a new company will help people fight their medical bills; prescription drug monitoring programs may not be helping the opioid crisis; and why banning pay-for-delay deals may not help to lower costs.
What we're reading, September 23, 2016: California's insurance commissioner wants to try a public option; Valeant avoids double-digit price hikes with 9.9% increases; maker of Suboxone being sued by 35 states and the District of Columbia for keeping generics off the market.
This study shows automatic, practical, simple, and effective strategies designed in the laboratory, in consensus with requesting clinicians, to improve laboratory test appropriateness.
Non-Hispanic blacks are less likely to receive opioid prescription at discharge during emergency room visits for back pain and abdominal pain compared with non-Hispanic whites, researchers found.
What we're reading, August 18, 2016: California drug price transparency bill gets pulled; researchers work on a new opioid painkiller without the addiction; and the need for more diversity in genetic sequencing.

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