Value-Based Cardiology


Despite evidence and clinical guidelines that support intensive statin use in high-risk patients, very few eligible patients start treatment at recommended levels.
When understanding the outcomes of important clinical trials, Derek van Amerongen, MD, MS, explained that it's important for health plans to consider any of the offsets created by a specific treatment plan in the hopes of preventing further or more serious treatments for patients in the future.
Derek van Amerongen, MD, MS, explains that health insurers can really bring value to the managed care table by helping to better identify patients with rare diseases like pulmonary arterial hypertension earlier and getting the patients the resources they need to improve their overall health, which can ultimately reduce any adverse events due to a lack of care.
John A. Johnson, MD, MBA, discusses the micro- and macrovascular complications of diabetes and remarks on how WellCare is working with providers to improve patient care to prevent or delay the onset of complications.
More than one-third of patients with atrial fibrillation who are have a moderate to high risk for stroke are being treated with aspirin, even though it is well known that blood thinners provide more protection.


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