Value-Based Cardiology


A diabetes drug may have benefits for people with chronic heart failure. Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company have announced plans to investigate the use of the diabetes medicine Jardiance for heart failure with 2 outcome trials.
Fewer than 3% of Americans are active enough, eat a healthy diet, are nonsmokers, and have a healthy weight and percentage of body fat—the 4 important elements of a heart-healthy lifestyle that are promoted by the American Heart Association.
The American Hospital Association is among those asking for a rating system that reflects socioeconomic differences in hospital populations.
Data on drug prescriptions, diagnoses, and events are increasingly being used for epidemiologic and pharmacologic studies and for the evaluation of quality of care, but questions arise about how complete and accurate the diagnoses and events in these databases are.
Study finds a first heart attack is more likely to lead to heart failure in patients when the burden of coronary artery disease increases.


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