Value-Based Cardiology


The Sanofi and Regeneron therapy, to be marketed as Praluent, was among the most-anticipated FDA approvals of the year. Late-day reports put pricing at $40 a day wholesale, well above estimates, although insurers will seek discounts.
Instead of making patients suffering from life-limiting illnesses choose between hospice care and curative care, CMS will test coverage that allows individuals to receive palliative and curative treatment concurrently.
The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association’s release of recommendations for statin treatment in the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in 2013 have now proven both cost-effective and accurate in identifying CVD risk.
CDC report estimates that the Affordable Care Act could lead to 111,000 fewer new coronary heart disease events and 95,000 fewer CVD-related deaths by 2050.
Individuals living with a combination of diabetes and cardiovascular disease are more likely to have a shorter life expectancy, researchers from the University of Cambridge found.


July 25-27, 2015
Vancouver, BC, Canada
August 14-16, 2015
Mackinac Island,MI