Value-Based Insurance Design


The top managed care stories this week include a new PhRMA head and recommendations to update measurements designed to improve health and control costs in the Medicaid program.
This study tests the impact on blood pressure control of a reward that lowered co-payments for blood pressure medication to $0.
This study extends value-based insurance design concepts in testing the impact on blood pressure control of rewards that provided negative co-payments for blood pressure medication.
CMS will test whether providing Medicare Advantage plans with the ability to integrate value-based insurance design increases enrollee satisfaction, improves enrollee clinical outcomes, reduces overall plan expenditures, and results in lower plan bids, thus saving money for Medicare and beneficiaries.
On July 27 at 10 am EDT, The American Journal of Managed Care will host a tweetchat with the University of Michigan Center for Value Based Insurance Design to discuss moving from volume to value in healthcare and changing the cost discussion from “how much” to “how well.”


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