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The Medicaid Conundrum: Loophole Could Mean Citizens Uninsured While Immigrants Are Covered
According to reports this week from the Associated Press, governors who reject health insurance for the poor under new healthcare reform laws will have exposed a peculiar loophole in the system-some US citizens would be forced to go without Medicaid coverage, while their immigrant counterparts would remain covered.
Revisiting the Integrated Delivery Network Model
The idea behind an integrated delivery network (IDN)-a concept that was developed in the 1980s and widely implemented in the 1990s-is that a network of facilities and providers can work together to offer a continuum of care in a particular geographic area. Although the concept was one that initially drew praise, the implementation of this type of system did not gain momentum from the onset. However, as time has elapsed, advancements have made this model worth revisiting.
Making Twitter a Managed Care Resource
A new year has begun. Make sure one of your resolutions is to become more familiar with Twitter and how to utilize this social network to get the latest information in managed care.
Hospitals on Losing End of Doc Fix
The budget package that Congress passed in the 11th hour Tuesday to avert widespread tax increases and spending cuts has also blocked a 26.5% cut in Medicare payments to doctors; however, hospitals are bearing a large portion of the responsibility when it comes to financing this so-called doc fix.