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Inconvenient, Controversial, and Demanding: The Story of ICD-10
You've probably heard a lot of discussion about ICD-10 over the last several weeks. Although the transition to these new codes sparks contentious debate about reasoning and timing, the fact is that payors and providers are going to have to make this transition at some point. But the question iswhen?
Small Business to Obamacare: We'll See You in Supreme Court
Next month, the National Federation of Independent Business will challenge the constitutionality of the health law on behalf of its 350,000 members, along with co-plaintiffs comprised of 26 state governments.
SGR: The Formula that Wouldn't Die
Can Congress agree on a permanent "doc fix" by month's end and spare physicians from a 27.4% pay cut? Don't hold your breath.
Medical Groups Come Out Swinging Against the Health Law
America's Medical Society is at the forefront of a united group of healthcare stakeholders challenging Obamacare--and the American Medical Association.
Medication Shortages Take Center Stage
As the drug shortage crisis continues to spiral out of control, a potential solution comes to the forefront in the form of new bipartisan legislation: The Drug Shortage Prevention Act.