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Hospitals and Insurers Working Together to Reduce Health Costs
The UCLA Health System is working hard to establish a blueprint for reducing health care costs up to 30% over the next five years.
Costly Cancer Treatment Under Scrutiny
There still lacks evidence to support the theory that proton-beam therapy is more effective than traditional therapy when it comes to treating prostate cancer; however, it would be hard to deduce that fact based on the rapidly growing popularity of proton therapy centers.
Health Insurance Exchanges Still Being Debated
With key dates fast approaching, states are beginning to take some strong stances in regards to health insurance exchanges.
Rethinking Value-Based Health Care Delivery
One of the highlights from the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting in Philadelphia, PA, earlier this week was a presentation entitled Value-Based Health Care Delivery by Michael Porter, MBA, PhD, Harvard Business School, Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness.
Focus on Oncology
There have been many research advancements in oncology over the past several weeks, including a new blood test designed to predict the onset of breast cancer; new control techniques for oncology payer management; and the creation of a new electronic tool for oncology nurses to improve patient outcomes.