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Hospitals Brace for Medicare Readmission Penalties
Earlier this week, Kaiser Health News released an analysis of Medicare data which showed that approximately 2200 hospitals will face penalties this October for having too many patients readmitted for care within 30 days of discharge.
The Battle Over Medicare Will Be Waged In the Election Booth
The Medicare program as we know it is at a crossroad. But, just how important is it to voters? The Kaiser Family Foundation shed some light on that question Thursday when it released a report stating that 73% of respondents polled in the days around the announcement of Paul Ryan as the running mate of presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney described Medicare as "very important" or "extremely important" to their votes.
Employers Brace for Healthcare Cost Increase
A recent survey by the Mercer consulting firm has confirmed what many already suspected: employers are anticipating an increase in the cost of health benefits due to the Affordable Care Act.
Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program Aims to Improve Quality of Care
There are many different payment reform models that are discussed by payers and providers on a regular basis. This is a review of the progress being made in regards to the hospital value-based purchasing (VBP) model, which rewards acute-care hospitals with incentive payments for the quality of care they provide to patients with Medicare.