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The Year in Managed Care: Top Stories Revisited
The past 12 months have brought significant and radical change in the healthcare industry. The following are some of the top stories of 2012 revisited.
Supreme Court to Address 'Pay for Delay Model
The Supreme Court announced earlier this month their intention to investigate a multibillion-dollar dispute between the pharmaceutical industry and federal antitrust enforcers. The practice in question is commonly referred to as the pay-for-delay model, whereby brand-name drug manufacturers compensate other manufacturers to hold off on selling generic versions of their drug.
Health Insurance Marketplaces Get Obama Approval in 6 States
Despite rejections of multiples states' pleas for partial expansion of Medicaid, President Obama has given the green light for health insurance marketplaces in 6 states.
AHIP Fall Forum 2012 Recap
The America's Health Insurance Plans Fall Forum 2012 conference took place in Chicago, IL, from December 3-5. Here are some of the highlights from the conference.
Health Insurance Exchanges Still Face Legislative, Economic Challenges
Confirmation of the Affordable Care Act's constitutionality by the Supreme Court was just the beginning for health insurance exchanges. As timelines grow closer, major barriers to implementation still exist.