Gary Liska Discusses Alere's Role in the STABLE study

Published Online: March 24, 2014
Gary Liska, with Alere Home Monitoring Inc, says Alere’s commitment to patient safety is why they supported the STABLE study. They saw an opportunity with Medicare’s expansion of its coverage policy for self-testing, and decided to provide self-testing services to Medicare and practitioners. 

Mr Liska also explains why the STABLE study results are so important.

“Within the last 3 years, there have been 5 clinical papers written on cost-effectiveness. The market remains very volatile right now, and clinicians, and particularly healthcare, is looking for the most cost-effective agent,” Mr Liska says. “The 5 studies that have been published are all consistent with a certain threshold of warfarin quality of between 65% and 73%, so those are thresholds that Alere looks at very carefully. It was really the impetus behind conducting this study.”