The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits | July/August

Drug Trends

Adherence among seniors to 3 widely used chronic medication classes differed by medication burden, patient characteristics, and specific comorbid conditions.

From the Editor

Ten steps need to be taken to help payers more adequately address the problem of inappropriate prescribing of pain medications.

Original Research

Our analysis models the clinical and economic value of fidaxomicin for the treatment of Clostridium difficile infection compared with metronidazole and vancomycin.
Vaccination with trivalent live attenuated versus inactivated influenza vaccine in children aged 2 to 17 years is cost saving or cost-effective depending on the severity of the influenza season.

Specialty Healthcare Benefits Council

Recent guidance and proposed rules for the Medicare hospice program will have a profound impact on plans providing Medicare Part D services.


Patients receiving a focused pharmacist-delivered counseling program demonstrated improved adherence to target chronic medications and other nontarget chronic medications not directly addressed by the intervention.
Controlling for baseline characteristics, saxagliptin patients had lower medical costs compared with sulfonylurea patients, and lower medical and total costs than sitagliptin patients.
The article comprehensively describes the approved contraceptive pills, dosage regimens, guidelines to manage missed pills, and emergency contraceptive pills.

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