Evidence-Based Diabetes Management | Patient-Centered Diabetes Care: Putting Theory Into Practice 2014

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management

Biographies of faculty that participated in PCDC 2014.
A former triathlete and a T1DM patient, Jay Hewitt, was the special guest speaker at the PCDC 2014 meeting.
Dr Islam talked about how socioeconomic models are built to care for diabetic patients with diverse backgrounds.
Dr Benner presented a program that helps providers improve medication adherence among their patients.
During the first panel discussion at PCDC 2014, "Addressing Challenges in Diabetes," the panelists talked about individualizing patient care.
During his keynote address, Dr Gabbay spoke about the means of improving patient care and how new practice models, implemented at Joslin, have revolutionized the field.
During her presentation, Haydon-Greatting who has trained as a pharmacist, talked about the influential role that a pharmacist could play in patient care and disease management.
Joyce furthered the discussion on the role of pharmacists in patient-care started by Haydon-Greatting by providing case studies that stemmed out of a CMS-funded research grant.
On the second day of "Patient-Centered Diabetes Care: Putting Theory Into Practice," Jan Berger, MD, MJ, president of Health Intelligence Partners, moderated the panel discussion "Measuring the Impact of Pharmacists in Diabetes Patient Care."
Dr. Vojta emphasized the importance of analyzing existing good patient data to improve care outcomes.
Pearson emphasized a coordination of care, between the primary care provider, the pharmacist, and payers, to improve patient care.
The panel discussion for Session 3, "The Role of Health Plans and Payers in Patient Care," discussed the role of payers in revolutionizing the system to make it patient-centric.
As part of its mission to bring together stakeholders engaged in implementing the Affordable Care Act, The American Journal of Managed Care created the ACO and Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition, which gives participants opportunities to share best practices in using new reimbursement models. The final panel of "Patient-Centered Diabetes Care: Putting Theory Into Practice" invited ACO Coalition members to present insights on diabetes care.

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