Patient-Centered Oncology Care: Real-World Perspectives

Listen to the nation's top oncology and managed care professionals as they discuss real-world opportunities and challenges facing payers, clinicians, patients, and other allied health care professionals in the ever-changing oncology landscape.
The final panel of the conference analyzes the role of the industry in healthcare, including panelists' observations on topics such as innovation. Mr Gamble, for instance, offers his insights as to how groups like the Community Oncology Alliance are working with the industry to drive the message about the quality and the value component throughout all the stakeholders. Dr Fox provides perspective on how payers can offer valuable partnerships throughout the industry, including those with pharmaceutical companies.
Dr Cliff Goodman leads a discussion featuring panelists including The American Journal of Managed Care's co-editor-in-chief, Dr Michael Chernew. Topics of the discussion include the impact of value-based pricing in the market, and how different pricing models such as bundled payments or accountable care organizations impact risk factors.
According to Dr Ramsey, both the Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR) model and the pharmaceuticals pricing model in the United States are broken. He says: Unless we, as a community, figure out a way to use health economics in our decision making, we are not going to stop this train of unsupportable price increases in pharma.
Mr Klein leads another discussion with Michael Kolodjiez, MD, Lee N. Newcomer, MD, MHA, John L. Fox, MD, MHA, and Jerry Conway. The panel responds to whether there are gaps in targeted gene analyses. They also discuss other issues including bioinformatics, and how payers, providers, and pharmacists might collaborate on improving care through genetic sequencing.
Jerry Conway provides a DNA-centric view of organizing treatment plans with respect to the use of some advances in genomic technology.
Dr Klein moderates this discussion, including co-editor in chief of The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits Dr Jan Berger. The panel addresses a variety of topics as they relate to companion diagnostics in targeted treatments. Panelists respond to issues such as who should take responsibility in genetic counseling to ensure that patients have the best experience possible-whether it be in person or telephonic. Other topics covered in this discussion include appropriate consumerism in this space, the employer's role in genetic counseling, and how medical professionals are being trained or educated about these processes.
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