MedPAC Takes Aim at Outpatient Billing Trend
March 20, 2014
As Congress tries to reform Medicare, the program's independent advisor has its own suggestions, including a call to end to what has become a revenue buffer for many hospitals and an integral part of their physician acquisition strategies.

In its 15th March report, the first of two published each year, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission warns of a looming crisis for the nation, noting that the Medicare Trust Fund is slated to run dry by 2026 and arguing that “significant variation” in quality and spending is “putting beneficiaries at risk” both “medically and financially.”

The Commission, also known as MedPAC, is building on previous years’ proposals and calling for an equalizing of payments for similar services across the settings, as a way to replace what the 17 members describe in the report as an unorganized reimbursement system riddled with poor incentives.

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Source: Healthcare Payer News