Smoking Promotes Disease Progression in Prostate Cancer, Study Reports
Smokers diagnosed with prostate cancer who were treated with radiation were at a greater risk of their cancer returning, metastasizing, and ultimately causing death. Former smokers, however, did not have the increased risk.
90% of Consumers Stayed in Covered California
Of the 944,000 people who could renew their coverage for 2015 through Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange, 94% stayed in the same plan that they were in last year.
Eli Lilly Expects Multiple Stakeholders Will Benefit from CII, a PACE Initiative
PACE has launched an evidence-based online tool, Continuous Online Indicators, which will provide information on research progress in 12 tumor types.
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of Johns Hopkins Medicine Joins OncLive in Strategic Alliance Partnership Program
OncLive® and the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of Johns Hopkins Medicine have become collaborators to raise awareness of leading innovations in cancer care through OncLive’s Strategic Alliance Partnership program, OncLive announced.
Task Force Sets Challenge to Speed Up Transition to Value-Based Arrangements
A new private-sector alliance of healthcare systems and payers will dedicate to accelerate the US healthcare system’s transition to value-based models aligned with improving outcomes and lowering costs.
Guiding the Shift from Volume to Value in Medicare Payments
A new health policy issue brief from the Brookings Institution has outlined specific modifications that would enable to legislation in Congress to support better care and more value in Medicare.
Amgen-Onyx File for Full Approval for Kyprolis in MM
Kyprlois is currently approval for use in multiple myeloma patients who have progressed on 2 prior therapies.
White House Calls GOP Healthcare Lawsuit "Incoherent"
The White House said a Republican lawsuit challenging its implementation of the 2010 healthcare law misunderstands the constitutional separation of powers and should be thrown out.
Screening Does Not Save Lives Except in Very Few Exceptions
Screening for deadly illnesses does not necessarily save lives despite assumptions otherwise, according to a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.
Pharma Expects Push-Back on Cancer Drug Costs
After Steven Miller, CMO at Express Scripts, announced last week that his company would like to influence the oncology market, Pharma seems to have paid heed.
Indiana Expands Medicaid With HIP 2.0 Program
Indiana and HHS have come to an agreement about the state's proposal to expand Medicaid. The program will cover as many as 350,000 individuals.
Obamacare Will Cost 20% Less than Initial Projections, CBO Says
A new report by the Congressional Budget Office finds that, if left untouched, the Affordable Care Act is poised to become even more so.
International Profiles of Healthcare Systems, 2014
An overview of the healthcare systems of Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.
Patient Navigators Reduce ED Visits, Hospital Readmissions
Patient navigators in 3 health systems were able to reduce excessive emergency department visits by 43%, according to a 1-year pilot study by Accenture and the Highmark Foundation.
CUDC-101 Provides Encouraging Results in Phase 1 Head and Neck Cancer
The drug targets multiple proteins that are overexpressed in head and neck cancer, the study published in Clinical Cancer Research says.
OIG Expects Tighter Control on Compounded Drugs in CMS-Approved Hospitals
OIG recommends training for inspectors and amending contracts with stand-alone pharmacies to ensure improved quality and safety.
Hospitals Brace for Blizzard
As a blizzard predicted to break snowfall records bears down upon the Northeast, area hospitals and physicians are shifting into disaster-planning mode.
HHS Sets Goals to Move Medicare Payments From Volume to Value
HHS has announced goals and a timeline to move Medicare toward a quality-based payment system and away from the current fee-for-service payments.
Pharma Adapts to the New Health Economy
Drug and device companies are adapting changing consumer and insurer focus and report being more willing to have their products be judged on both clinical and economic value.
Gilead Making Progress on Generic Sovaldi in India
While Sovaldi will be available for patients at $300 a bottle, about one-tenth the price in the United States, later this year, the generic version, still in trials, is expected to be available soon after.
Study Discovers Lack of Disease Awareness Among Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
The findings, published in the journal Cancer found that women diagnosed with breast cancer were not very aware of the disease characteristics such as tumor grade or stage. The researchers also found a bias based on the patient's race.
CAR T Cells and Bispecific Antibodies: A Double-Edged Sword?
Wile several big and small pharmaceutical companies have invested research efforts in developing these complex, and expensive, treatment regimens, early results from trials indicate safety issues.
The State Struggle: Paying for Excessively Priced Drugs
High-priced treatments continue to crush state budgets. With more drugs carrying 6-figure price tags, a problematic situation is playing out across the country.
Huge Variation in Medical Costs Shows Need for Price Transparency
Although some price variation is to be expected between large cities and rural areas, "extreme" price differences sometimes existed within the same market.
ASCO Elects President for 2016-2017
Daniel F. Hayes, MD, FASCO, has been elected president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.