Ethics and Social Media—Where Do We Draw the Line?
A recent Facebook study has initiated a debate on privacy and ethicis concerns, with the Federal Trade Commission saying they'll soon be involved as well.
Amgen's Kyprolis Fails in Phase 3 MM Trial
Kyprolis failed to improve survival in the phase 3 FOCUS trial in patients who had relapse following at least 3 prior regimens.
CMS Working on a New Oncology Payment Model
CMS provided COA a draft of an episode-based payment model being developed at their Innovation Center. COA has been in collaboration with CMS on developing this model.
Lin28b Identified As a Key Gene Responsible for Childhood Cancers
The gene, normally expressed only in a developing embryo, was found expressed in several different childhood cancers.
Wikipedia—The Next WebMD?
With the aim to authenticate and regulate medical information, Cancer Research UK plans to provide the most up-to-date and accurate healthcare information.
Blood Test Could Detect DNA from Cancerous Cells: A Liquid Biopsy
Scientists at Hopkins are working on developing a test that can rapidly sequence cellular DNA in a blood sample for early diagnosis of cancer, which could have a tremendous potential in asymptomatic subtypes of the disease.
Breaking: WellPoint to Change Name to Anthem
WellPoint Inc is planning on changing its name to Anthem to eliminate brand confusion and better connect with consumers.
Reform Update: Some Question the Value of Value-Based Purchasing
Next year, U.S. healthcare providers will be subject to Medicare penalties if they do not meet up to 26 measures for value-based purchasing.
Poor Cancer Outcomes Among the Uninsured and those on Medicaid
The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, examined national statistics for the period between 2007 to 2010 for people aged 18-64 of age.
Affordable Care Act Projected to Drive Up Prescription Drug Spending in Coming Years
Specialty drugs expected to account for 40% of total prescription spending by 2016, according to Catamaran Corporation.
Cologuard Receives FDA Nod for CRC Diagnosis
Cologuard had received recommendation for premarket approval from a FDA advisory panel back in March.
Encouraging Findings on Lung Cancer Rates in the US
Although the overall rate of NSCLC is lower, certain subtypes of the disease fared better than others, the study published in the journal Cancer found.
Sovaldi's Cost-Effectiveness is Being Overplayed
Bottom line: Sovaldi will not save the system money. It will cost money—a lot of money—to reduce premature mortality due to chronic hepatitis C infection.
CMS Action Raises Questions About Accuracy of Sunshine Act Data
The CMS has removed the provider review version of a new database that details financial relationships between healthcare providers and drug and medical-device manufacturers.
Targeting the HPV Genome To Prevent Cervical Cancer Progression
Using the genome editing tool known as CRISPR, researchers were able to selectively silence two genes in HPV that are responsible for the growth and survival of cervical carcinoma cells.
Velcade Approved by the FDA for Retreatment of MM patients
The approval follows results from the RETRIEVE trial, conducted in patients who had previously responded to Velcade but had relapsed.
Short-Term Health Plans Might Offer Some Relief But They Have Significant Gaps
Consumers who missed open enrollment on the state health insurance marketplaces this spring or who are waiting for employer coverage to start don’t have to "go bare."
WHO: Ebola Outbreak Is International Public Health Emergency
The World Health Organization declared an international public health emergency Friday over the Ebola outbreak in western Africa that has killed almost 1,000 people. The outbreak of the deadly virus is “extraordinary event” and a public health risk to other countries, it said.
Genetic Make-up, Not Tissue of Origin, Should Dictate Cancer Treatment: New Study
The research, published in the journal Cell, proposes revising treatment based on the molecular constitution of the tumor when it presents itself, rather than the tissue or organ of origin.
The Value Discussion in Cancer Care Escalates: NICE and Roche
According to Sir Andrew Dillon, chief executive of NICE, the high price that Roche is demanding for Kadcyla is beyond the means of NHS to cover.
Hospice Discharges in the South Raise Questions
High rate of hospice survivors, especially in Alabama and Mississippi, have raised doubts about improper practices.
Novel ER Gene Fusion Identified in Luminal B Breast Cancer
Published in Nature Communications, the study identified a new gene fusion and rearrangement of the estrogen receptor, responsible for the aggressive nature of luminal B breast cancer.
Six Wisconsin Systems Create Pact, Aim for ACO
Six of the most prominent healthcare systems in Wisconsin have created a new partnership, jumping on the nationwide bandwagon of forming strategic alliances to share information, while remaining independent.
Obamacare Creates 'Upheaval' At Free Clinics
While a few free health clinics have shut their doors in Arkansas and Washington, most expansion-state non-profit free clinics are reassessing their business strategies.