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A new study has found that an educational program can help ease worries associated with palliative care, and make cancer patients more likely to use it if referred.
HHS Secretary Tom Price, MD, continued to downplay the Congressional Budget Office’s report on the GOP healthcare bill, promoted how the plan gives Americans more choice, and clarified an earlier statement made about the financial health of patients during a CNN town hall moderated by Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash.
The drop in mortality was driven by a significant drop in cardiovascular mortality, the leading cause of death among seniors.
The study seeks to answer several questions that look at which patients benefit from surgery over the long term.
Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) received an accelerated approval for adult and pediatric patients with refractory classical Hodgkin lymphoma or those who have relapsed after at least 3 lines of therapy.
Improving patient collections in fast-paced, high-volume clinical environments.
Atul Gawande, MD, has penned an article in the Annals of Surgery calling for his fellow surgeons to do their part in reducing the supply of excess prescription painkillers by embracing new technologies that would allow them to prescribe opioids electronically.
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