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The results, published in Diabetes Care, move the hope of pancreatic cell islet transplants close to commercialization, which would bring the technique to more patients who cannot produce their own insulin.
Targeting cancer stem cells could have a much better impact on the outcome of patients with multiple myeloma being treated with standard chemotherapy, a new single-arm study by researchers at Johns Hopkins has found.
Data on drug prescriptions, diagnoses, and events are increasingly being used for epidemiologic and pharmacologic studies and for the evaluation of quality of care, but questions arise about how complete and accurate the diagnoses and events in these databases are.
Study finds a first heart attack is more likely to lead to heart failure in patients when the burden of coronary artery disease increases.
Many physicians are interested in using genomic profiling in patient care, but many believe they are unprepared to do so.
The top stories in managed care include a recap of Patient-Centered Diabetes Care, the case for the Oncology Medical Home, UnitedHealth leaves Affordable Care Act exchanges in 2 states, and CMS expands alternative payment model for primary care.
Drug prices are rising faster than any other area of healthcare, but solutions aren't so simple. Easing barriers to competition, promoting approval of generic drugs, and increased transparency would help.
The action, to be published Monday in the Federal Register, comes as the agency puts increased focus on long-term safety of drugs that treat diabetes and obesity, and prevent cardiovascular events.
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