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Governor Mary Fallin's proposal to embrace Medicaid expansion and fund the state share with a cigarette tax comes nearly a year after HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell made an explicit appeal to work with governors in conservative states.
The findings are consistent with other results that have shown sizable drops in A1C, as well as the ability to control blood pressure in patients who previously failed to meet targets.
A new study warns that symptoms associated with rare CNS tumors could lead to a misdiagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among pediatric patients.
The report highlights insights from experts at the recent meeting, Patient-Centered Diabetes Care. Failing to treat obesity will only cost more later, experts said.
Officials are using innovative methods like automatically enrolling beneficiaries based on their eligibility for foods stamps, and adding a large group that takes part in an existing New Orleans-area health project but currently lacks prescription drug coverage.
The FDA has approved the combination of lenvatinib and everolimus for use in patients with renal cell carcinoma who have failed at least 1 anti-angiogenic treatment. The approval raises questions around the sequencing these agents when a patient fails on first-line care.
What we're reading, May 16, 2016: The Supreme Court has sent the Obamacare contraception case back to the lower courts; in some rural markets customers will have 1 option on the Affordable Care Act exchanges; and the first US case of locally transmitted Zika-related microcephaly has been reported.
Children in households with less than 3 months of savings to cover basic expenses in the event of financial shocks had substantially higher risk of obesity and chronic illness and worse overall health.
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