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The contractor tapped to rescue the flailing in the fall of 2013 declared its work finished Thursday and said it doesn’t plan to continue overseeing the website that sells subsidized insurance to millions of Americans as part of the federal health law.
This week The American Journal of Managed Care launched its new Managed Markets News Network, featuring the top stories in managed care and interviews with industry experts.
In his own words, "The practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research."
The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released new reference standards that could help diagnostic laboratories standardize their equipment and software to reduce variability in genetic test results between laboratories.
If adopted, the active surveillance threshold would give physicians a tool in the management of men with localized prostate cancer and could spare many aggressive therapy or radiation and its side effects.
A physician expresses his frustration with the lack of clarity in healthcare costs and explains the advantage of price transparency in easing a patient's worries as well as reducing healthcare utilization by increasing physician awareness.
In 2014, Medicare telemedicine reimbursement totaled $13.9 million, a number that has steadily increased since 2008, according to the Robert J. Waters Center for Telehealth and eHealth Law.
For e-prescribing to realize its full potential for improving the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of prescription drug delivery, important work remains to be carried out.