BMS and Celgene Announce Collaboration on An Immuno-Chemo Combination Regimen
Combining nab-paclitaxel with nivolumab is expected to have a synergistic effect in the various tumor types to be targeted, while providing Celgene access to the immunooncology race.
Limit Patient Cost-Sharing: States Tell Payers
Insurers are trapped between pharmaceutical companies developing increasingly expensive drug treatments, and states that want to reduce the patient-burden of co-pays. Additionally, states like New York and Alaska have banned payers from using specialty formularies.
Raising Awareness for Treating Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancers
Guidelines, such as those developed by the Children's Oncology Group, can prove a useful resource to monitor and/or treat adults who have previously been treated for a pediatric cancer.
Studies Point to Unnecessary Testing in Cancer, Particularly in the Older Population
The two studies, published in the August issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, examine the pros and cons of the current cancer screening methodologies.
Medicare's "Hospital Value-Based Purchasing" Program Under ACA Misses It's Mark
The study, published in the journal Health Service Research, found that the timing of the financial incentives offered by the program was not associated with improved quality of care.
NIH Initiates ALCHEMIST Trials: Targeted Treatment in Early-Stage Lung Cancer
The trials will evaluate the efficacy of erlotinib or crizotinib in preventing lung cancer recurrence, as well as survival, in patients carrying mutations in either EGFR or ALK, who are clinically free of the disease.
Promising Results With Achillion's Ribavirin-Free HCV Regimen
The mid-stage trial was conducted in a small group of patients, but further studies will roll-out soon.
Editorial: Can Gene Signatures Tell Us All?
The writer asks: is more information better, even if we don't understand what it means?
BRCA2 Mutation: Poor Prognosis in Prostate Cancer
The study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, observed poor survival at the end of the follow-up period in men carrying the mutation, compared to non-carriers.
Model Evaluates Efficient Use of the PSA Test
The analysis recommends conducting the PSA test in those less than 70 years of age, to avoid overdiagnosis while reducing death by at least 50%.
Report Provides Retrospective Analysis of Medicare Part D and Provisions under ACA
A new Kaiser Family Foundation report analyzes key trends that have shaped the Medicare Part D marketplace since the program launched nine years ago, providing a detailed assessment of changes in plan availability, enrollment, premiums and cost sharing in both private stand-alone drug plans, and Medicare Advantage drug plans.
Study Identifies Need for Standardizing Blood Test Charges
The study identified that there are no set methods to determine cost for a particular test.
In Massachusetts, Nearly 400,000 Will Seek Reinsurance
People who bought state plans instead of seeking insurance through their employer, have to go through the process again due to a temporary fix that was afforded.
Two Leading Cancer Organizations, ASCO and AACR, Take a Stand on E-Cigarettes
ASCO and AACR want to see stricter regulation of the products, touching various aspects such as flavors, child-proofing, refills etc.
Medicare Proposes Covering Newly Approved Cologuard Test for CRC Detection
The final decision on the proposal will be made only after a 30-day comment period.
"Value" Decision by NICE Met With Disapproval
Both, the scientific community and a charitable organization, Prostate Cancer UK, have criticized the drug approval body for not offering abiraterone to sufferers until after chemotherapy.