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What we're reading, February 3, 2016: President Obama is asking Congress for $1.1 billion to combat the opioid abuse epidemic; 7 blockbuster drugs with the potential for more than $1 billion in sales each are expected in 2016; and less than half of infants are vaccinated against the flu.
CDC is concerned about the effects of alcohol consumed before women know they are pregnant, in light of studies that show women are now drinking almost as much as men.
Among 7 developed countries, the United States has the lowest proportion of deaths that occur in the hospital and the lowest number of days spent in the hospital during the last 6 months of life.
Coordinating mental health and treatment of chronic disease has gained traction since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.
Nearly one-third of national medical malpractice complaints involve some form of communication failure, according to the report “Malpractice Risks in Communication Failures” from CRICO.
What we're reading, February 2, 2016: Aetna joins other major insurers raising concerns over the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges; Sanofi announces plans to develop a Zika vaccine; and Martin Shkreli expected to testify despite dismissing the subpoena.
Contrary to popular perceptions that healthcare financing in the US is predominantly private, Americans pay the world’s highest health-related taxes, study finds.
Pediatric oncologists from across the country covened a task force to develop an ethical framework that guides decisions on allocation based on curability, prognosis, and the incremental importance of a drug to a patient’s outcome
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