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The trial, conducted in France, was a proof-of-concept study to evaluate the efficacy of targeted agents in patients, based on their tumor's molecular profile.
Innovative trials offer the promise that patients can be treated in their own communities instead of traveling to faraway cancer centers.
Telehealth follow up consultations after a surgical operation have become preferred compared to in-person visits, according to 2 recent studies.
In a letter to Pathway Genomics, the FDA has expressed interest in discussing the company's validation strategy as well as evaluating data on clinical sensitivity and specificity of the CancerIntercept Detect test.
The problem in Kansas is the same as other states without Medicaid expansion: the ACA envisioned universal coverage, and funds to treat the uninsured are dwindling because it was expected that patients who are now in a "gap" would have insurance.
A study published in The Journal of Urology suggests the Grade D recommendation for PSA-based screening may place those with intermediate and high-risk prostate cancer at risk.
The research by the group from Spain is the latest effort to link sleep patterns, or disruption of sleep, to the development of type 2 diabetes.
Public outrage over the 5000% price increase for Daraprim, a 62-year-old drug purchased by Turing Pharmaceuticals in August, prompted the company to promise it would lower the drug’s cost. This is not the first time such an incidence has occurred.
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