Patient-Centered Oncology Care Issue Is Online

A special issue of Evidence-Based Oncology is available from the November 14-15, 2013, conference.
Published Online: February 07, 2014
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            FEBRUARY 7, 2014
Patient-Centered Oncology Care Issue Is Online

PLAINSBORO, N.J. – A special issue of Evidence-Based Oncology, a news publication of The American Journal of Managed Care, is now available online featuring coverage of Patient-Centered Oncology Care 2013: Real World Perspectives.

A link to the issue can be found here:

This conference, held November 14-15, 2013, in Baltimore, Maryland, brought together 200 thought leaders and stakeholders from the areas of oncology care and research, pharmacy, quality care accreditation, the payer community, patients, and the emerging world of genetic testing and counseling.

In addition to coverage of speakers and panel discussions, the supplement includes an interactive faculty index, which allows the user to connect to conference video featuring that contributor on AJMC-TV, the video channel of

“We continue to set the standard for providing our audiences with essential healthcare information, in the most user-friendly ways possible,” said Brian Haug, president of The American Journal of Managed Care.

Patient-Centered Oncology Care 2014 has already been scheduled for November 13-14, 2014, also in Baltimore, Maryland.

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