Heterogeneity in Medicaid coverage of the anti-viral agent sofosbuvir is rampant across the United States, with varying reimbursement criteria and lack of conformation to recommendations by professional infectious disease organizations.
In an effort to better examine and understand the implementation and effects of the Affordable Care Act, researchers from the Urban Institute found that nongroup health insurance premiums in insurance marketplaces were lower than expected.
Although GOP presidential hopefuls are all campaigning on promises to repeal and replace President Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA), the last real chance to repeal may have been the 2012 election, according to Avik Roy, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.
Certain exchange benefit plans have recently begun to place all specialty medications for complex diseases on the highest drug formulary cost-sharing tier, according to an analysis from Avalere Health.
Researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School have developed a map of the United States highlighting significant variation in stroke care.


Commonly used measures of performance for assessing patient access do not reflect PCMH-encouraged strategies to improve access that may be preferentially used by part-time physicians.
Variation in private spending reflects the ability of the local population to pay for healthcare, whereas variation in Medicare is more driven by health status.
Quality of care and relative resource use for patients with diabetes are not necessarily positively related. Further, the relationship varies by year, plan type, and region.
Although patients who refuse post acute care services are relatively young, well educated, and healthy, they are twice as likely to have 30- and 60-day readmissions compared with acceptors of services.
Focusing on quality and quality measurements has the potential to reduce costs, increase quality, and deliver more value to patients, consumers, and customers.

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