Summary and Closing of Discussion
Dr. Chernew summarizes key points of the discussion and asks members to add any additional information.
How ACOs will Affect PCMHs
Panel members talk about whether or not accountable care organizations push organizations to invest in the PCMH and how ACOs will affect the PCMH. Dr. Chernew asks what the impact of PCMH will have on specialists and other healthcare services.
Primary Care and the PCMH
Dr. Chernew asks if in the future, will there be more PCMH, or will more practices have more elements of the PCMH. Dr. Fendrick discusses if many primary care practices will attempt to meet the specific criteria.
Bias in the PCMH Model
Dr. Fendrick asks the panelists to address selection bias in the PCMH model of early adopters.
How PCMHs fit into the ACO Model
The panelists discuss whether or not a medical home could have success with a without changing an organization's financial system. Panelists discuss how PCMH fit into the accountable care organization structure.
Early and Late Adapters of the PCMH
Dr. Chernew asks if organizations that are recognized as a PCMH receive any rewards for such a title. Panelists discuss the difference in motivation between early and later adapters of the PCMH.
Motivation to Become a PCMH
Dr. Sennett discusses what motivates practices to seek recognition as a medical home, and why they attempt to become a PCMH.
NCQA Standards for a PCMH
Panel members discuss the standards and regulations set for facilities to be considered a PCMH. Dr. Pawlson talks about the standards developed by the NCQA and what they mean.
The Role of HIT in the PCMH
In this segment, panelists discuss how health information technology contributes to the success of PCMH. Dr. Choudhry says that HIT is necessary for providers to make decisions and track the care of populations in a PCMH.
Introduction to Panel Discussion Topic
Moderator, Dr. Chernew, begins this discussion by asking the panelists what a PCMH actually is and when they were developed. Dr. Ginsburg touches upon the structural aspects of the PCMH and how physicians are paid through this model.