Payment Systems and Strategies
Panelists address the need to solve the SGR problem by using innovative payment systems.
Negative and Positives of the SGR
Paul Ginsburg points out both positive and negative aspects of the SGR.
Reactions to the SGR Outside of the Physician Sector
The panel addresses various payment and delivery system changes in the long run that are more likely to be successful.
MedPAC Recommendations
In this segment the panel talks about the consequences SGR might have on primary care practices. They discuss what the efficient costs of production are for the healthcare we aim to deliver.
How Can the SGR be Fixed
Panelists ask what are possible solutions to fix the SGR in the short and long-run.
Disruptions and Upheavals
Panelists agree that congress does not want these cuts in physician payment rates and Medicare.
How Will Costs be Addressed
The panel members discuss the question of how much would it cost to abolish the SGR.
Early Stages of the Sustainable Growth Rate
Panel members discuss the fundamental problems with the SGR formula.
Introduction to the Sustainable Growth Rate Formula
Panel moderator, Dr. Michael Chernew addresses this panel's topic, the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula. Panel member, Paul Ginsburg, gives a brief overview of the SGR formula.