The Challenges Ahead for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs): Full Panel Discussion
ACOs are designed to offer quality patient care at lower costs. However, there are growing questions and concerns as the start date approaches.
Different Systems as Alternatives to the Shared Savings Model and Closing Comments
The panelists talk about potential alternatives to the Shared Savings Model, and offer closing thoughts and comments about this month's discussion.
Future of ACO Growth & Alternative Models
Panelists discuss an alternative to an ACO should the model not succeed.
ACO Rules & Regulations Overview
Dr. Michael Chernew asks the panelists to comment on specific ACO rules and regulations in this segment.
Advantage of Early ACO Adoption
Panelists comment on whether hospitals or physicians will find themselves in the lead when starting a successful ACO.
ACO Transition & Assistance
Panel members discuss what it will take for organizations to transition into an ACO and where they can obtain assistance.
ACO Viability & Challenges
Panelists share their thoughts and opinions whether or not ACOs will be a successful endeavor, and what challenges they may face.
Introduction to Panel Discussion Topic; Panel Member Introduction
Dr. Michael Chernew introduces the panelists and this month's topic: Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).