Episode 14 - Concerns about Rising Costs of Treatment

Gary M. Owens, MD, and Leslie Fish, PharmD, discuss their concerns about the rising prices of agents available for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and suggest new methods for reviewing and negotiating the costs of these products.
Published Online: January 03, 2014
During this segment, the panelists discuss their concerns about the rising costs of drugs currently available to treat multiple sclerosis (MS).
Gary M. Owens, MD, states that it is unclear why drug prices continue to rise, especially when certain options have been available for years. Dr Owens further explains there is no single formula to determine a return on investment for newer agents.
Because the drugs to treat MS are extremely expensive and difficult for patients to afford, Dr Owens and Leslie Fish, PharmD, suggest that when reviewing and negotiating the price of a therapy option, there is a need for transparency and comparative effectiveness.

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