Laura Topor Explains the Value of Real-Time Benefit Transactions

Real-time prescription benefit transactions are designed to give clinicians essential information on an individual patient’s benefits before writing a prescription, according to Laura Topor, president of Granada Health.
Transcript (slightly modified)
What are real-time prescription benefit transactions and what value do they provide?
Real-time benefit transactions are something that the industry is looking at as a way to provide the doctor at the point of prescribing with patient-specific information about their benefits. So, is the product covered? What’s the patient cost going to be? Are there coverage edits or a prior authorization required? Are there any pharmacy restrictions?
Because what’s often happening is they write the prescription, maybe it goes to a pharmacy that can’t fill that product, or the patient gets to the counter and realizes that they can’t afford the hundreds of dollars for that prescription, or it’s not on formulary, it needs a prior authorization.
So, it’s really trying to avoid those disruptors and dissatisfaction elements that delay therapy by providing that information to the prescriber before they send that prescription out the door.
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