Dr Jenny Sung: Study Demonstrates Real-World Effectiveness of Toujeo

At the AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting, Jenny Sung, PharmD, MS, MBA, associate vice president of evidence-based medicine research at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, discussed a poster being presented on the safety, efficacy, and economic benefit of Toujeo.
Transcript (slightly modified)
The research I’m presenting here is the “Characteristics and Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Switching to the New Basal Insulin Glargine 300 U/mL from Other Basal Insulins in the US.”
As we all know, glargine 300, Toujeo, was recently approved by the US. In addition, the clinical trials program we have demonstrated great efficacy and safety but how do they translate into the real world effectiveness is the question that we’re examining today and how we do that is to leverage the real world data which is collected from the 26 integrated delivery networks in the US, which covers over 360 hospitals.
So in this study we looked specifically into the clinical outcomes such as the HBA1C control as well as the hypoglycemic in those patients which for other basal insulin to glargine 300, Toujeo, and what we have found in the studies is that those people who switch from other basal insulin to start on new Toujeo they have more statistically significant decreases in HBA1C, about 0.56% and also there’s a trend of improving hypoglycemic event in those patients which are from other basal insulin to Toujeo.
And how do they translate? Or how the study is relevant to the US healthcare payers? We also modeled the effect of the HbA1c, as well as the hypoglycemic event, to look into the economic benefit. Applying the mark of modeling, we looked into the 1-year cost savings to the healthcare decision makers, to the payers, and what we have found is that annually Toujeo provides a cost savings about $11. They almost translate into $10 per member per month for treated patients. So that’s why we feel like this study is very timely to help the decision makers to understand the value of Toujeo in the real-life setting in terms of the clinical benefit. And also we monetize the clinical benefit to look into the cost savings.
This study really demonstrates the real-world effectiveness of Toujeo and, most important of all, it really complements Toujeo addition program, looking to the safety, efficacy. And also this study further complements the previous study by looking to the clinical effectiveness as well as the economic benefits of Toujeo in the real-life setting.
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