David Alain Wohl, MD, Discusses the Cost-Effectiveness of the Single-Tablet HIV Treatment

David Alain Wohl, MD, associate professor, division of infectious diseases, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says cost-effectiveness of the single-tablet HIV regimen is debatable. Logistically, he says, most would prefer to take 1 pill a day instead of 1 pill, 3 times a day. However, that 1 pill dosage can cost patients exponentially more.

As well, replacing brand name HIV prescription regimens with generic substitutions can add to the equation. Dr Wohl suggests that being cost-effective requires judicious decision-making about who exactly should receive a single-dose tablet prescription.

“These are tough decisions, and people have to make really almost Solomon-like determinations about what’s best,” he says. “I think if we do break up singe tablet regimens, we should do so in a very informed way—telling people why we’re doing it, helping them understand, and maybe being selective [about who takes the single tablet treatment].”
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