Will Your State Have a Shortage of Nurses in the Next Decade?

Nursing@Georgetown’s online FNP program compiled information from the Health Resources & Services Administration’s 2014 report, “The Future of the Nursing Workforce: National- and State-Level Projections, 2012-2025," to show each state’s predicted nursing demand in the coming years.
Overall, the United States is predicted to see a shortage of 193,000 nursing professionals by 2020, according to a 2015 report produced by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce titled, “Nursing: Supply and Demand Through 2020.
The Southeast and the West are 2 of the regions projected to be hit the hardest. Factors that contribute to the predicted shortages include an increasingly aging population, the size of graduating nursing classes, and nurses’ career decisions based on pay and locality.
See your state’s predicted nursing demand below or read the original blog post on Nursing@Georgetown’s website. 

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