Aaron Lyss: Most Practices Are Not Ready to Transition to MACRA

Most practices are not ready to transition to the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) payment models, although there is a leading group of practices that are more prepared to make the switch, said Aaron Lyss, director of value-based care for Tennessee Oncology.

Transcript (slightly modified)
Are practices ready for the transition to MACRA? Do they understand it, MIPS, APMs, and how the Oncology Care Model fits in?
I’ll give you a short answer—that’s no, I don’t think they are ready. That just speaks to what I see among oncology practices nationwide.

Having said that, there are a leading group of practices on that curve that are much more prepared for what’s happening in this space than others and I think we’re in that cohort of practices that are as ready as any for these types of changes. But, I do think it’s a problem nationwide that a lot of practices just haven’t had the foresight to build the infrastructure and data management capabilities over the past several years. So, they haven’t had the foresight to start several years ago down this road, so they can be in a position to be ready in the near term. 
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