Aaron Lyss on Improving Outcome Measurements in Practices

Very structured processes for vendor selection is necessary to improve outcome measurements and data analytics, explained Aaron Lyss, director of value-based care for Tennessee Oncology.

Transcript (slightly modified)
How can practices get better at measuring outcomes and handling data analytics?
The way that we’ve gone about that is to have very structured processes for how we do vendor selection in areas where we need help. So, for example, our ability to analyze claims data and use claims data for quality improvement has grown incredibly fast over the past 15 or so months that we’ve been in the Oncology Care Model. But, it’s still not where we need it to be.

So, there’s a combination of growing the claims data and analytic capabilities internally as quickly as we can, while contracting for outside help with vendors who can really deliver value in meeting the objectives of reducing unnecessary healthcare costs and enhancing the quality of the patient experience.
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