Daniel J. Klein Discusses Patient Access, PAN Foundation Challenge

While new care delivery models have provided better support for patients, there are still many patients who still face challenges with the complexity of treatment, explained Daniel J. Klein, president and chief executive officer of the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation.

PAN's largest role is to eliminate financial barriers that prevent patients from starting treatment and make it difficult for them to complete treatment.

"By eliminating the deductibles and the copays for patients who are using specialty medications in particular, PAN, I think,  has really encouraged patients to stay on therapy and hopefully be more sucessful with their therapies," Mr Klein said.

He also outlined the new PAN Challenge, launched in coordination with The American Journal of Managed Care. PAN is seeking papers on sustainable ways to balance financial issues for patients on specialty medications.

"I think that what we're hoping is the challenge will get some of the best and the brightest thinkers from academia and from healthcare systems to put forward their thoughts on how to address the challenges around cost-sharing and being able to sustain the kinds of new and innovative treatments that specialty medications represent," he said.

Learn more about the PAN Challenge: www.panfoundation.org/challenge/
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