Dr Peter Aran on How to Improve Quality Measure Decisions

New approaches for measuring quality need to be developed to get frontline caregivers involved in the early stages of quality measure decisions, said Peter Aran, MD, medical director of population health management at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma.

How can we avoid the physician burden of duplicate quality reporting?
Part of the quadruple aim model that we’re trying to follow is that you ask the practices: what quality metrics or measures do they think we should use? Also, if their own family were being taken care of, what kinds of things would they want to know are being done for their parents, or sisters, or kids? So, having the practices themselves weigh in and help decide which quality measures to use is the better way to go.

Right now, most initiatives, as you know, are figured out or designed by big groups, whether it’s CMS, or whether it’s large insurance companies, or a consortia of academic centers. Then, they’re given to the docs and the docs say take this and run with it. We think another approach, a better approach is you include those docs, the frontline caregivers, earlier upstream and say: help us design this initiative, help us decide which quality measures to use.
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