Procedural Changes With Chemotherapy Dispensing Under OCM

OCM provides focus on individual patient cases. Learn how OCM affects the interaction between healthcare professional and patient.
Rebecca McCormack, CPhT, patient assistant coordinator at Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates
Here at Carolina Blood and Cancer I handle all the infusion mixing for the chemotherapy infusions, the iron infusions, and we also do some Remicade infusions for patients who need that, as well as coordinating ordering supplies and medications for both locations. And I also handle the patient assistance side, the foundation help for all the patients, and the oral dispensing pharmacy at both locations.
Under the Oncology Care Model, you are more apt to be more in contact with each patient that you’re dispensing stuff for. It allows me to get to learn about each patient’s case more than I would have in the past. Honestly, not too much changed from the way I was doing it before in my role, specifically. But it has interaction with the patient a lot more.
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