Participating Faculty

Editorial & Production

Senior Vice President, Managed Markets
Jeff Prescott, PharmD
Clinical Team Lead
Michael R. Page, PharmD, RPh
Senior Clinical Projects Manager
Ida Delmendo
Clinical Projects Manager
Michelle LaPlante
Project Manager
Jessica Toye
Copy Chief
Jennifer Potash
Copy Editor
Maggie Shaw
Medical Writer
Angelia Szwed
Associate Medical Writer
Lydia Chou, PharmD
Assistant Editor
Sarah Anwar
Julianne Costello
Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales
Gil Hernandez
Senior National Account Manager
Gabrielle Consola
National Account Managers
Michael Costella
Elise Maier
Operations & Finance

Circulation/Production Director
Jon Severn
Vice President of Finance
Leah Babitz, CPA
Katherine Wyckoff

Chairman and CEO
Mike Hennessy, Sr
Vice Chairman
Jack Lepping
Mike Hennessy, Jr
Chief Financial Officer
Neil Glasser, CPA/CFE
Chief Marketing Officer
Warren Dardine
Chief Digital Strategy Officer
Steve Ennen
Vice President of Editorial Services and Production
Kerrie Keegan
Vice President, Digital Media
Jung Kim
Chief Creative Officer
Jeff Brown 
Director of Human Resources
Shari Lundenberg
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