Session 4: Discussant & Conclusion

Mark Fendrick, MD - Co-Editor-in-Chief

Mark Fendrick, MD, co-editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Managed Care, concludes the PCDC event with his closing remarks. Dr Fendrick opens by suggesting how far the term “value based insurance design,” or VBID, has come since he and Dr Mike Chernew coined the term. He also commends the conference’s central theme of diminishing the concept of “one size fits all” in healthcare.

“I think the more we could come together and get behind this idea that Dr Peters made so clear that we've got to leave the one size fits all approach,” says Dr Fendrick. “One and most important, improve clinical and patient centered outcomes for all of us in America, but also be cognizant of the fiscal situation that we're in. Without clinical nuance, in my opinion, if we start seeing these movements just to cut costs, we will see Americans harmed in a systematic and very negative way.”

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