January/February 2014
Continuing Education
Gary C. Steven, MD, PhD; Don A. Bukstein, MD; and Allan Luskin, MD
New ideas, new tools, and new collaborations among managed care, physicians, and pharmacy to optimize value in asthma management.
Drug Trends
Sara C. Erickson, PharmD; R. Scott Leslie, MPH; Wenyi Qiu, MS; and Bimal V. Patel, PharmD, MS
Adherence trends were examined for commercial, Medicaid, Medicare Part D, and self-insured health plans for oral antidiabetic medications, statins, and direct renin inhibitors.
From the Editor
Jan E. Berger, MD, MJ—Editor-in-Chief President & CEO Health Intelligence Partners
Medication and medication management are now recognized as foundational to healthcare.
Original Research
J. Quentin Clemens, MD; Chieh-I Chen, MPH; Tamara Bavendam, MD; Kelly H. Zou, PhD; Amir Goren, PhD; and Shaloo Gupta, MS
Overactive bladder symptoms can impair work productivity, especially among untreated adults, with work productivity impairment costs nearly twice as high for never-treated versus treated subjects.
Patient Advocacy
Myrl Weinberg, FASAE, CAE
People with chronic conditions need effective and affordable drugs to live longer and better lives. Unfortunately, regulations covering plans in state exchanges may impede access.
Specialty Healthcare Benefits Council
Pranish Kantesaria, PharmD
A new healthcare role will help bridge the gap between hospital, primary care, and home for patients.
Web Exclusives
Paulette D. Chandler, MD, MPH; Edward L. Giovannucci, MD, ScD; Michelle A. Williams, ScD; Meryl S. LeBoff, MD; David W. Bates, MD, MSc; and LeRoi S. Hicks, MD, MPH
In a multiethnic urban academic primary care clinic, a knowledge-to-action gap existed for prompt vitamin D deficiency treatment.
Bradley S. Miller, MD, PhD; Deborah Rotenstein, MD; Larry C. Deeb, MD; John Germak, MD; and Tami Wisniewski, MPH
Height outcomes in growth hormone“deficient patients may be adversely affected by lack of persistence with growth hormone therapy, possibly associated with changes in insurance coverage
Marie Smith, PharmD; Jeannette Wick, RPh, MBA
Summary of key messages developed at a conference on value-based medication management services for medical home and accountable care organization delivery models.