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The provision in the Affordable Care Act to remove cost sharing for preventive care visits created a shift in how Medicare pays with a greater emphasis on prevention and managing chronic diseases, and less on treatment of acute illness, said Mariétou Ouayogodé, PhD, post-doctoral fellow at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.
The attackers appear to have used a vulnerability developed by the National Security Agency, which was stolen and posted online.
At the ACO & Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition®, people from around the country who are successfully creating new ways to deliver value-based care come together to share learnings and best practices for attendees to take back to the office on Monday, explained Clifford Goodman, PhD, moderator at the ACO Coalition spring live meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, and senior vice president and director at the Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research at the Lewin Group.
Panelists on day 1 of the ACO & Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition® discussed the challenging work of creating public-private partnerships, and how these initiatives can address issues to improve the health of a population.
The rise of accountable care means health systems have more opportunities to share patient information, increasing the opportunities for hackers to penetrate their systems. The question isn't whether a health system will have a breach but when and how it will respond, experts said.
Healthcare has the opportunity to not only improve connections between systems, but also find cost savings and productivity gains.
When the ACO & Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition® meets May 4-5 in Scottsdale, Arizona, attendees will learn the latest on healthcare reform, best practices for cybersecurity, population health strategies, and more.
Will bundled payments be implemented quickly or slowly? Will they be voluntary or mandatory? There's disagreement about what the ongoing movement toward accountable care should look like.
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